Sunday, July 14, 2013
By: Clark Kent

What a weekend for Seby Silvestri of Louisville, Kentucky! Champion, winner of $15,500, and a 279-300-300-879 all in one weekend, are you kidding me? The Proprietors Cup II lived up to its billing as one of the top tournaments in the country, paying out $64,000 in prize money. Seby had the Hot Hand on the Final Day and it carried him to the finals where he would beat out one of the Nations Best amateurs, Adam Barta. 
 We seek out the highest average bowlers in the country and try to get them to compete. We don't hide the fact that the event is contested on a Modified House Shot. 1.8 Million bowlers compete weekly on a house shot, why not offer ONE tournament a year and invite the nations highest average bowlers to compete. Its the All-Star Weekend of League Bowling! We get some of the BIGGEST names in Bowling with some of the nations highest averages. 
 With the support of bowlers The Proprietors Cup will Sponsor a PBA Regional in 2014. 'We support bowling, we reinvest all monies back into GUARANTEED Satellites, and we do it to offer bowlers the opportunity at a Nice Payday'.