The Proprietors Cup IV

Monday, February 16, 2015
By: Clark Kent

The Proprietors Cup IV is coming June 12-14. The entry fee is $550. In 3 years the event has paid out over $400,000 in prize fund and bracket action. We caught up with Billy Eysoldt, tournament CEO, and asked him a few questions. 
Clark: How is Proprietors Cup IV looking?

Billy: It's looking amazing. Our satellite events continue to grow. Every year our satellites draw more and more bowlers. Our support system continues to grow as some great bowling ambassadors continue to email us interested in running win a spot events in their hometowns. It is pretty surreal this year as a few of our early entries stated this tournament was on their 'bucket list'. We wanted to create demand for this event and so far our goals are being met and surpassed. 

Clark: What about he A/C? Can bowlers expect this to be a problem again? This seemed to be the biggest complaint on facebook last year.

Billy: It is true, we had some upset guests. But most understood that the center A/C was on full blast and just could not keep up. With a summer event in the middle of the midwest, if its 100 degrees out side and lanes are running continuously all weekend, it will get hot. We do rent fans and place them throughout the facility. With the move to June I expect the temps to be lower outside and hopefully lower humidity. 

Clark: Speaking of date change, why did you move it? 

Billy: Jr Gold Weekend, we did not want to be on Jr Gold weekend. We know many bowlers who travel with their kids and might want to compete in our event. We also wanted to make it easier for the All-Star Teams to field teams with out being restricted with bowlers needing to be at the Jr Gold event. 

Clark: So now that you are off Jr Gold Weekend does that mean you will allow youth to bowl this event?

Billy: Youth bowlers have always been permitted to bowl the Cup. We have the ability to put the winnings in their Smart Accounts. 

Clark: What are your projections this year and do you have any future events other than this one? 

Billy: Our goal every year is simple, 100 bowlers. Right now we already have over 80 registered. But every year we want 100 so we know that 1st place will pay $12,500. Anything over that is great and I do think we could get 150-200 entries again. 
Future events, Yes, we announced the $10,000 GUARANTEED Detroit Cup Sponsored by BOOM Apparel. This event will take place July 10-12 at Thuinderbowl Lanes in Detroit. We have hired on Brian Regan and his staff at to be our tournament director. I felt this would be a win/win for both of us as Brian does amazing things with his MSBS series. We will have a link for that on our site shortly.

Clark: Where can we get a schedule of events for both tournaments? 

Billy: I currently do most of my work on facebook. If bowlers go to they will find all of our satellites and event pages for all our main events. Here are the important dates: 
June 11th - (9am) 2nd Annual Golf Scramble at Beavercreek Golf Course
June 12th (11am) Our popular Bowl & Go win a spots. These win a spots run non stop til about 5pm
June 12th (7pm) The 4th annual Ace Mitchell All-Star Team Challenge
June 13-14 The Proprietors Cup IV

July 10 (11am) Bowl & Go win a spots
July 10 (7pm) $2500 GUARANTEED Doubles sweeper 
July 11-12 The $10,000 GUARANTEED Detroit Cup Sponsored by BOOM Apparel

Clark: Well I thank you for your time Billy. I will make sure we keep the bowlers informed on the website and wish you luck growing your concept. 

Billy: Appreciate that Clark. We will continue to look for ways to expand into new markets. We hope if these events go well to be in Texas in 2016 and maybe even the Northeast. We are optimistic that if we continue our growth we could possibly have 1 MEGABUCK style event every month. I will conclude with a favorite hashtag of mine, #ifyoubuildittheywillcome