Tournament Rules

PLAYING RULES - Rules of The Proprietors Cup (referred to as TPC) stated herein, and those of the USBC will govern all participants. The TPC manager will have the right to resolve all questions and disputes arising. All decisions shall be final and binding.
ELIGIBILITY - THE TPC is open to male and female Amateurs and all PBA members. TPC management has the right to refuse any entrant at their discretion.
CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES –June 9th at 11:59pm. TPC CAN NOT accept credit cards after June 10th.
1-192 entries (1 squad, Saturday June 11, Ace Mitchell All-Star Challenge Friday Night June 10)
193-248 entries (Saturday June 13 A squad and B Squad)
If we get 312 entries we WILL offer a Friday Morning 8am squad.
Entry fees – $50.00 NON-Refundable deposit must be paid to register for the TPC. Additional $500 entry is due upon check-in and must be paid in CASH ONLY! Entry fees can be paid by credit card(by Friday June 10) or by check(must receive by June 1st.) Deposits may be paid by cash, credit card, check, or money order. (Returned checks carry a $40.00 bank charge.)
BOWLERS RESPONSIBILITY – Bowler assumes responsibility for reporting at the proper time for all rounds. Times will be posted and announced and are approximate but will not start earlier.
GUARANTEES – 100% of all prize funds will be paid after the Finals in the form of CASH! No monies will be withheld and no checks will be mailed!
BOWLING BALLS - Only balls approved by USBC may be used. It is not necessary to weigh equipment.
Plugged balls, finger and thumb inserts are allowed.
RERACKS - TPC officials reserve the right to limit number of a bowlers re-racks at any time. An opponent may protest to limit future re-racks.
TIE BREAKERS - Ties in matches shall be broken by a Strike/Pin Count Roll-off. Coin Flip will determine who bowls first. The bowler with the highest pin count after one ball is thrown will win the tiebreaker. If both bowlers tie, they will continue until a winner is determined, alternating bowling order each time! In case of a tie for the top 25 or top 10, a 1 game roll off will be bowled to determine who advances.
TOURNAMENT CONDUCT - The TPC manager shall have the right to reassign participants, if for any reason; the TPC cannot be completed on all or some of the lanes at Beaver Vu Bowl, or on the dates drawn in any round. If by fire, war, weather conditions, gas shortage, water damage, labor unrest, mechanical malfunctions, terrorism or threat after war, acts of God, etc., it becomes impossible to conduct the TPC and/or sponsored events as publicized, all unused portions of entry fees shall be returned.
CONSENT - Participants are hereby informed that portions of the TPC shall be photographed, broadcast, recorded, televised or otherwise exhibited to the public. They consent to such exhibitions and to the use and to the licensing of others to use their respective names, voice sketch, motion picture, video tape recordings, broadcast or other exhibitions or reproductions of the TPC or any part thereof, to release all rights, title and interest they or any of them may have thereafter, waiving forever any claim or right to be compensated or to other consideration of account of such use, exhibition or reproduction.
UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT - A suspension or warning may be given to anyone displaying unsportsmanlike conduct in the opinion of the TPC manager. The TPC manager reserves the right to disqualify, without refund, for a first or subsequent offense.
DRESS CODE - Dress is casual for all days.
SCORER MALFUNCTION - Should an automatic scorer malfunction and scores cannot be retrieved; games will be re-bowled. The tournament director can rule that scores are valid, scoring continues from that point.
NO SOLICITATION - Solicitation, distribution of product or materials, product sale or services not approved by Beaver Vu Bowl, The Proprietors Cup and its sponsors is not permitted.
SPONSORS - TPC is not responsible for claims, services or products offered by sponsors.